Sultan Singh

MA (Psy.), MA (Soc), BBA (Mgt.), DCOE, DCH, CLSSBB, CQC, GPM, GDM&EC

Freelance Business / Management / Digital Marketing Consultant

Sultan Singh is A highly skilled and experienced freelance consultant in the areas of Digital Marketing, Business Management, Project Management, Lean Management, Counseling Psychology & Sociology, Lean Six Sigma Project Methodology, Structure Analysis and process improvement related Works.

With over 8+ years of Professional experience in Different Industries & domain. Also working as freelancer for the Non-Commercial and Commercial entities to exploring more in the field of Corporate and Non-corporate Sectors.

As, a Wide range or Educational as well as Professional skills I’m committed to delivering top-notch consulting services that drive a Positive results for Client & Collaborative Partners.

If, I am Talking about my Education. I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Sociology Stream, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

In addition, I have earned a wide range of internationally accredited certifications, including Lean Management, Six Sigma Black Belt, Google Project Management, Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Marketing and Certified Quality Champion.

My education and certifications, combined with my practical experience, equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to help businesses succeed or Providing best possible Solution.

My expertise lies in a variety of areas, including digital marketing, process improvement, project management, and business strategy development. I am specialized in helping businesses identify areas for improvement, streamline their processes, and implement effective digital marketing strategies that drive growth and increase revenue.

As a Freelance consultant, I am passionate about exceeding my clients’ expectations. I take pride in building strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients, and I’m dedicated to providing them with the support they need to achieve their goals. I’m committed to delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations, and I’m always seeking out new and innovative approaches to help my clients succeed.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your digital marketing efforts, improve your business processes, or develop a winning marketing strategy, I have the expertise and experience to help. I’m dedicated to delivering measurable results that make a real impact on your bottom line & Work culture.

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