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FutureLearn is a British digital education platform founded in December 2012. The company is jointly owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), ExpertTrack, microcredential and degree learning platform. As of November included over 250 UK and international partners, including industry and government partners.

FutureLearn.com is a British digital education platform owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd.

Courses Completed

Samsung, UK

Designing Sustainable Future

4 Certification Program offered by Samsung, UK. Become a sustainable tech innovator and learn about Design Thinking with Samsung to bring your sustainable tech solutions to life

Designing A Future Where Learning Is a LifestyleCleared
Designing For a Diverse and Inclusive FutureCleared
Designing For a Sustainable FutureCleared
Designing For a Future Where No One Feels Socially IsolatedCleared

British Council

Designing Sustainable Future

Cource Offerec by British Counsil to Learn about policymaking and leadership from experts and inspirational leaders, and create your own policy action plan.

Ideas For a Better World: Leading Change Through PolicymakingCleared

Skills & Knowledge Base

The courses offered by Samsung UK focus on designing a sustainable future and creating an environment where learning is a lifestyle. The courses aim to create a future that is inclusive, diverse, and socially connected. The courses are designed to promote innovative thinking and to develop skills and knowledge in creating sustainable solutions to address social issues. The courses provide participants with an opportunity to engage in collaborative learning and apply design thinking to solve real-world problems.

The Ideas for a Better World course by British Council is designed to help participants develop skills and knowledge to lead change through policymaking. The course is focused on exploring innovative and effective policy solutions to address social and environmental issues. The course aims to enhance participants’ understanding of policymaking processes and the role of policymakers in shaping a better future. The course is designed for individuals who are interested in creating social impact and contributing to sustainable development.