Six Sigma Academy

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Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam or SSAA was set up by an international team of university lecturers from the Netherlands.

Accredited by – Dutch BKO/BKE (mark of quality used by all Dutch universities)

Courses Completed

Lean ManagementCleared
Lean Six Sigma White/Yellow BeltCleared
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltCleared
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltCleared
Minitab Data Analysis ExpertCleared
Certified Risk Management & FMEA ExpertCleared
MS Excel and Data Analysis ExpertCleared

Skills & Knowledge Base

As someone with a passion for process improvement, I have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge related to lean management, Lean Six Sigma, data analysis, and risk management. With my expertise in Lean Management, I have learned how to identify and eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, my knowledge of Lean Six Sigma White/Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt has given me the ability to lead process improvement projects, analyze data, and implement effective solutions. I am also a Minitab Data Analysis Expert, with experience using this software to analyze large sets of data and identify trends and patterns.

As a Certified Risk Management & FMEA Expert, I am skilled in identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them. My expertise in MS Excel and Data Analysis allows me to create and analyze spreadsheets with ease, providing valuable insights into organizational performance. With these skills and knowledge, I am confident in my ability to drive process improvement, reduce waste, and increase efficiency in any organization.